Enromz Orange Powder

Enromz Orange


Dextrose with vitamin C & Mineral Powder

Pack of: 105 grams Powder

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that is needed for many reactions within the body, but that humans are not capable of making internally (most other animals can manufacture Vitamin C in their livers). It is a complex substance found in many foods, especially brightly colored vegetables like bell peppers and citrus fruits, among others.
Since the human body does not manufacture or store it, it must be obtained regularly from diet. Though low level Vitamin C deficiency is common, severe deficiency (also known as Scurvy) is rare in modern times. The most common form of Vitamin C found in supplements and added to food is Ascorbic Acid, which is an isolated synthetic form. Just as with folic acid and folate, the body can have difficulty using a synthetic form and at times it can be actually harmful.
In its natural form, Vitamin C is a potent water soluble antioxidant that the body uses in many ways, especially:
  • Cellular health and support
  • Production of glutathione, considered the master antioxidant
  • Making collagen (keeps skin looking young)
  • Supporting adrenal health
  • Skin health
  • Immune health
  • Wound healing
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