Promz Powder



Protein Supplement (Milk Protein)

Pack of: 200 grams Powder

Did you know protein powder is so much more than a post workout recovery drink consumed by bodybuilders and fitness fanatics. If your quest is to live a healthy life full of energy and strength, then protein powders are an amazing tool to help you achieve that. Here are five benefits to using a protein powder.

  • They Support Muscle Health
  • Protein Supports a Healthy Metabolism
  • Protein Helps With Appetite Control
  • Protein is Strength
  • And, the final reason to love protein is…Body Composition
We’re talking of course, percentage of fat tissue, muscle, bone and fluids that make up your body. Muscle atrophy can occur when you don’t get enough protein. Muscle loss can occur as we age, however when we look after our muscles by staying active and eating enough quality protein, they remain strong. The higher your percentage of muscle to fat, the healthier you will be. If all you do is build and maintain healthy amounts of muscle through regular activities and adequate protein intake, your percentage of body fat will go down giving us a healthier body composition. We think that’s a great reason to love protein.
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