Vitary Tablets



Multivitamin,Multimineral & Antioxidant Tablets

Pack of: 15's Tables

Antioxidants Multi Vitamin and Methylcobalamin Tablets is filled with Antioxidants, Multi Minerals and Multi Vitamins and Methylcobalamin. The unique feature is that these tablets are Vegetarian unlike the Mutivitamins available in the capsule form. 
  • Support your immune function: Vitary Tablets contains vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, C and E and Selenium and Zinc that support the Immune function of the body. 
  • Protect your body against the effects of physical stress: These tablets contain vitamins C and E to help protect the body against the effect of physical stress. 
  • Metabolism: Contains B vitamins to aid in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. 
  • Energy: Includes B vitamins to help support daily energy needs as they play an important role in converting Protein, Ftas , and Carbohydrates into Energy. 
  • Nutritional Information: Vitamins Vitamin C 40mg Vitamin B3 16 mg Vitamin E 14.5mg Vitamin B5 4.5mg Vitamin B6 1mg Vitamin B2 1.4mg Vitamin B1 1.2mg Vitamin A 600mcg Folic Acid 100mcg Methylcobalamin 1mcg Minerals Zinc Oxide eq to elemental zinc 10mg Manganese Chloride eq. to elemental Manganese 2mg Copper gluconate eq. to elemental Copper 0.9mg Sodium Selenate eq. to elemental Selenium 55mcg Excipients q.s.
  • Usage: One tablet daily or as directed by the dietitian. Dietary Supplement.
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